NYSSMA Virtual Solo Evaluation Festival 2021

Outline Procedure for Teachers


Please Note: The Original Festival Date determines the schedule below


  • The teacher recommends students to participate in the NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival and assists them with choosing appropriate repertoire.
  • Before registration, parent/guardian is provided an electronic or hardcopy waiver to sign, allowing student to participate in the NYSSMA Virtual Solo and Ensemble.
  • Registration is made available to school music teachers by the Festival Chair for a selected festival through the festival registration program. As in the past, festival registration software will be utilized.
  • The student follows the school/school district procedures and submits required registration materials to the school music teacher.

Six Weeks Before the Original Festival Date

    • Registration – The registration closing date for each festival will be published in the School Music News and on the NYSSMA website.


Three Weeks Before Original Festival Date

  • The Festival Chair will provide the platform URL address to school music teachers for students to upload their work samples.
  • Teacher will distribute platform information to students and assist students as needed with the digital process.
  • Students login and upload their work samples which include: (task 1- student registration and uploaded copy of music, task 2 – scales, task 3 – solo performance, task 4 – sight reading).
  • Teachers may assist students as needed.
  • Students will have one full week to login to the platform and upload their work samples.

Two Weeks Before Original Festival Date

  • Student work sample upload to the platform closes.
  • The student upload deadline will be published in the School Music News and on the NYSSMA website.

Two Weeks After the Original Festival Date

  • The school/school district will have access to completed evaluations on the platform.
  • Teachers review evaluation results with students and print copies as needed.