Hello WCSMA members,

After a slight delay, the NEW All-State application site is now live. If you have received your login info, you may now fill out applications for your students. If you have not received your login info, please email Stuart Rauch at the NYSSMA Office: srauch@nyssma.org. Any teacher who has never filled out an All-State application before should also email Stuart for login information. You should have received the links below in your most recent Cyber Notes, but I am passing them along again.

  1. Here are the instructions for navigating the new website: All-State Application Manual
  2. Here is a Cheat Sheet: Quick Guide

Every student should be registered for NYSSMA on Da Capo, but all All-State applicants must ALSO  have an accompanying All-State application filled out 6 weeks before their festival. 


Any student who has their All-State application completed will have a ”verified” green check mark next to their name in Da Capo. Any student who does NOT have an All-State application will see a yellow X “warning”, at which point the teacher has 5 days to fill out the application. 

Failure to do so will result in the student being switched to a REGULAR Level 6 solo and is no longer eligible for All-State. They will not be reimbursed the difference in registration cost.

Once I receive my Zone Rep login info, I will be manually cross-referencing Da Capo with the All-State site every two days to make sure all All-State students have their applications submitted. If there are any questions, please email me at: zone11@nyssma.org. Thank you for your patience so far as NYSSMA unrolls the new site and new rules, and thank you in advance for having patience with me as I begin this process with you all very soon!


Kimberly Dunkin

NYSSMA Zone 11 Representative