General Info

1. Can I use a xeroxed piece of music when I audtion at the NYSSMA or WCSMA festivals?

No, xerox copies are not permitted in any NYSSMA or WCSMA festival.

2. Can I play any piece of music that I want?

Only selections from the NYSSMA Manual Edition XXIX
(effective July 1, 2009) are permitted for evaluation grades.

Festival attendance

1. What festival should students attend to audition with an Instrumental Jazz solo?
All instrumental jazz auditions (All-State and Regular), regardless of school district will attend the Pelham Festival.

2. What festival should students attend to audition with a Vocal Jazz solo?
Vocal Jazz students should attend the Hendrick Hudson festival

3. What festival should students attend to audition with a Guitar or Harp solo?
Guitar and Harp solos will be at the Hendrick Hudson festival.

NYSSMA Solo Registration

1. Can a parent register their child for a NYSSMA solo?
Only NYSSMA school teachers may register students. Registrations made by parents or non-NYSSMA school teachers will not be accepted.

All-State FAQ’s

1. Can a ninth grade student take an All-State audition?
Only current 10th and 11th grade students may audition for All-State.

2. Can All-State students audtion at another site?
All students of the same instrument or voice, from the same school, must audition at the same festival. No Exceptions! You must apply for a variance from David Gaines.

3. Can an All-State Voice solo be sung in a different key?
There is a specific listing for voice solos. Only the specific solo in the specific key will be accepted as an All-State audition. If no key is stated, the standard published key is required.


1. Does my band have to play a March as one of our three selections?
Yes, bands must play a March for a Majors Festival Adjudication.

2. I decided to change the NYSSMA grade level for my performance, do I need to let anyone know ahead of time?
If you are changing the grade level of your Majors pieces, PLEASE INFORM ??? ahead of time. The possibility exists that you may not receive the correct certificate.

Other FAQ’s

1. Will there be a piano available for me to accompany my student during their audition?
There will be NO PIANOS in non All-State Instrumental Rooms. Students in these rooms will not be scheduled to accommodate an accompanist.

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