Intermediate Orchestra


Anthony Pinelli, Conductor

Jacquelyn Strofolino, Chairperson

Jupiter – Bringer of Jollity Holst/Leidig
Poem for Orchestra John Tatgenhorst
O Waly Waly Rutter
New World Symphony
First Movement

Dr. Michelle Zanky, Conductor

Jamie Strofolino, Chairperson

I Moderately Fast ‒ Vigorous
II Slow ‒ Expressive
III Moderately Fast ‒ Forceful 
Russian Choral and Overture  Tchaikovsky/Isaac
Highlights from Porgy & Bess
I got plenty o’ nuttin’
Bess, you is my woman
It ain’t necessarily so
A woman is a sometime thing 
March of the Meistersingers Wagner/Herfurth

Dr. Amy Sckipp, Conductor

Kathy Shelhart, Chairperson

Procession of the Sardar Ippolitov-Ivanov/arr.Issac
Brandenburg No. 3 Bach arr. Issac
Ashokan Farewell Ungar/arr.Cerulli
Lord of the Dance Hardiman/arr.Moore

John Voss, Conductor

Kathy Shelhart, Chairperson

Coronation March Meyerbeer, arr. Goodwin
Bacchanale Saint-Saens, arr. Isaac
Symphony No. 5. Finale Shostakovich, arr. Bulla

Emmett Drake, Conductor

Dr. Katherine Sinsabaugh, Chairperson

Overture to “Marriage of Figaro” W.A. Mozart/Merle Isaac
An American Elegy Frank Tichelli
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Harry Gregson-Williams/Stephen Bulla

Andrew Sussman, Conductor

Sara Worden, Chairperson

Jupiter Bringer of Jollity from “The Planets” Gustav Holst/ LeidigC. Saint-Saens
Highlights from “West Side Story” Leonard Bernstein/ Müller
Russian Sailor’s Dance from “The Red Poppy” Reinhold Gliére/M.Isaac

James Robinowitz, Conductor

Sara Worden, Chairperson

Marche Miliitaire Francaise C. Saint-Saens 

Arr. Merle J. Issac

Into the Storm Robert W. Smith
Berceuse & Finale (Firebird Suite) Igor Stravinsky
Arr. Merle J. Isaac

Nancy Torrente, Conductor

Sara Worden, Chairperson

Overture to Rienzi Richard Wagner 

Arr. Sandra Dachow

In a Gentle Rain (Movement II from the Wilson Suite) Robert W. Smith
Danse Infernale (Firebird Suite) Igor Stravinsky 

Arr. Merle J. Isaac

Pirates of the Caribbean Klaus Badlet 

Arr. Ted Ricketts


Chi Chi Lin Bestman, Conductor

Barbara Carlsen & Kathleen Coletta, Chairpersons

The Hebrides (Fingals Cave) Overture Felix Mendelsson 

Arr. Steven Rosenhaus

Blue Tango Leroy Anderson
Finlandia Jean Sibelius 

ed. William Ryden

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